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Application Forms are available to PROPOSERS from the Club Secretary and must be accompanied by a refundable deposit of Ksh. 2,000.00 and returned within one month of issue. Committee members are NOT permitted to propose, second or support any application.

Proposals for membership may only be made by a FULL member of at least 3 year’s standing, with the support of two FULL members of at least 3 year’s standing (one of whom must second the proposal) and to each of whom the candidate must have been known personally for at least 3 months, together with seven FULL members of 2 year’s standing or more. The Proposer, Seconder and supporters should complete the form as required and hand it to the Club Secretary. A list of prospective candidates will be posted on the Club Notice board for the information of all Club Members.

The form will in due course be presented to the Membership Committee and subject to the Concurrence of the main Committee, the Proposer and candidate(s) will be interviewed by the Membership Committee. At this stage they will be asked for any information the Committee considers relevant.

If the proposal is approved, the Committee will recommend that a Balloting Card be issued so that the candidate(s) can meet Committee members and obtain the required signatures.

If, however, the Committee feels that a proposal is unlikely to succeed, the Proposer will be offered the opportunity to withdraw the application.

The completed Balloting Card must be returned to the Club Secretary within One month of its issue. Failure to do this may result in the application being withdrawn or deferred. The card must remain in the possession of the Proposer or Seconder, who should accompany the candidate(s) when signatures are being collected. The candidate(s) should not have possession of the card nor should they be permitted to obtain signatures on their own.

The application will be balloted for by a meeting of the full Committee and if approved, the new member will be required to pay all fees in full before he can use the facilities of the Club and enjoy reciprocating rights. If the fees remain unpaid one month from the time membership is offered, the invitation will be withdrawn.

Members of the Committee normally try to be available at the Club on Thursdays between 6.30 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. to meet prospective members and sign Balloting Cards. A minimum of seven Committee signatures are required before it is returned to the Secretary.


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